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Empower yourself. 

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Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish. 

I’ve definitely had my fair share of selfish moments and there’s no regret in them. It was selfish for me to leave her, to leave something that dragged me along with it as it headed toward flames. But I don’t regret it. She was great, but we just weren’t happy. 

So then what’s the point of an unhappy relationship? I don’t see one. You can be two great people, just not great for each other, and that’s completely fine. Life isn’t about anyone but yourself and sometimes, in order to be happy, you’ve got to cut ties with what’s dragging you down. Find your bearings then, and go in a different direction. Fix what’s broken with you and find what’s missing with someone else.

Some people get too stuck in the past while life passes them by. If someone leaves you, they weren’t meant for you in the first place, but learn something from the experience and move on. It sounds heartless but sometimes life can screw you over.

I’m happy now with everything in my life. It seems like the pieces are falling together just fine. I’m sorry for wrecking your life.

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Some people can step into your life and change it in an instant. Thank you for doing that for me. You showed me love, when I couldn’t show it myself.

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420 blaze it


420 blaze it

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The set up.


The set up.

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When you wake up in the morning, what do you see?

I see the future. I see hope. I see the world at my fingertips. Every color is a brushstoke, every shape is a sculpture.My life is what I make of it. And you are the muse, the inspiration, and the ideas that transpire the abstract, coming into existence through my art. I am simply a pair of hands that is blessed enough to do your beauty justice.

The world is bland without your love. The universe is ugly without your light. And I am nothing without your inspiration.

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If beauty were a drop of water, I dare say you’d be the ocean. If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a torrenting blizzard. And if one day you stopped loving me, the heavens would fall and my world would be consumed with nothing but a dark blanket of hopelessess.

Darling, you have so consumed my world that I no longer believe in universes because the only stars in the sky are reflections of the sparks you create when we touch. I no longer see planets because the only celestial bodies above us are imitations of your fluid physique. And truly, you’ve become everything I see, hear, or speak. But my perceptions deceive me.

I am blind. Because you are a kaleidoscope full of colors that I don’t remember learning in elementary school. I cannot hear you clearly; your words blur into melodies that only angels themselves dare sing. And I cannot taste the chapstick on your lips. Darling, I’ve lost the taste of your sweet lips. I can only taste the next ten, twenty, thirty years ahead of us.

But I feel in my heart that although I sing only words of praise for you, words are mere combinations of vocal utterances that poorly convey the mental ramblings of a mind so cluttered with thoughts of you.

And only you.

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